Nantong Shanghai Dragon Shanghai dragon learner what needs to be done every day.

Shanghai Longfeng learners first thing: Shanghai dragon learning website content every day to update the original article:

Shanghai dragon learning task


Shanghai Longfeng learners third things: check the website of the Links

if you have Links website, need to check every day, now the site changes too fast, some stations start time is also good, but the station is also not stable people, go to work, or to push the new station, or sell, and then change the fate of the website. It is easy to appear right down, do not update.

every day

search engines love new things, to solve user problems and demand information and content. But in addition to write original articles, is updated every day, the update of the original articles are to be able to address the needs of users, to provide users with valuable information, do not update the original, love Shanghai as ignoring you. To increase the number of? According to how much your site content, the total amount of about 2%-5%, for example, you use the Z-BLOG, a total of 100 articles, that every day you add a 2, 3 can be, if it is to do with CMS station, content a thousand articles, that day 2, 30. This is a rule, love Shanghai spiders will be very favour your good habits. Regularly update the best steady. Insist on doing every day, the search engine will continue to pay attention to you.

Shanghai Longfeng learners second things: every day to the site to find 2-3 high quality links, do the reverse link:



talked about in front of Shanghai Longfeng study five operating points, Nantong Shanghai dragon bloggers talked about things to do every day, there are three things that are written in accordance with mining, the user experience of the original article, do the reverse link, so in this article we’ll talk about the Shanghai dragon learners things to do every day.

regular steady steps and the reverse link, it is a good quality station must have, some students don’t go to the chain, only the content, it can not be called Shanghai dragon; a lot of friends can see the chain prompted by a sudden impulse, effects, just a day to night plus group change link, a hundred to one breath, this is linking taboo, search engine is very easy to think that you are cheating. So it has the law, step by step. In addition, the effect of love Shanghai PR is very small, but the snapshot is very important, if you find the links are everyday snapshot, it is quite good for you to the station. Some friends asked how to find so much of Shanghai daily snapshot link exchange? This is not love, can build a Shanghai daily snapshot of the mutual link group, join friends need to specify the URL validation. Imagine 200 day snapshot of the website group, you add 3 a day, enough for you to add. General keywords row up easily.

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