You share a tiger Shanghai dragon with twelve signs to write essays on method


do the webmaster all know that every day we have to update the article, but also is the original, if not the original and is likely to discuss Shanghai uncle love love. What method can get the original article unlimited? Today you tiger CEO (Huang Wanyou) to come and discuss with you the webmaster twelve signs to write the original article:

to write the original article with twelve sign, in fact it is unlimited by the twelve constellations name to write. Such as the title: "Libra Capricorn Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo" content is: "there are twelve constellations of the zodiac sign of scorpio. Virgo Libra Aquarius Leo Virgo Capricorn Aries Libra, Capricorn Sagittarius Gemini Virgo (===> about < = Scorpio). I’m Aquarius, I ask you what sign? "Then in the article with keywords and links to achieve Shanghai Longfeng effect. Although the title and content are basically the same, but this is in line with the love of Shanghai included habit. Because the content to include the title keywords, so we also have the contents of the article include title keywords.

now I invented this with the twelve signs to write the original article method for at least will not be a reason It is without rhyme or reason. K, and the content of the article contains the title keywords. Two, the reason can be any studied and the understanding of the Chinese characters (although read no practical significance, but to charge the original article number is OK). Three, everyone will pay attention to the twelve constellations, Shanghai will not love others are concerned about the K. Here give a small hint: each of the twelve zodiac signs of the search index on the thousands, maybe one day when a search sign you publish this pure original articles to search Oh, then traffic to large, profitable opportunities also big

before I was used Chinese characters to write the original article, even write a title for a two word article, I can write hundreds of thousands of million of the original article. Because the Chinese Chinese characters at least it a tens. It is intended only one thousand words, I write a word of the title, you can write one thousand articles; write two words are to the title of the one million articles, so I wrote 10 words of the title? Haha, can it? Of course, I finally end is K. Because it is one hundred percent of the original, but the article does not contain the title keywords, and not to be practical significance, and no one can understand, so is the K Baba fitness fitness.

nonsense said so much, you know the? Know how to write the original article with twelve constellation? If you don’t understand it and I QQ:355557105 to consult. If you don’t know how to write the order or do not know to write the number to your tiger self-help chain to see, there are twelve constellations set order, then you can just copy. Refresh and then copied and published, and then refresh, then copied and published. How much is the original article there is the number of original articles, we will not.

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