The PR value to update your hold.


from the above we can analyze, in the PR value update about three times, once in February May, once again in August, these are the time to update the PR value high, are more than 20% updates, which in May February and August are updated as the day update is complete, small but lasting several days of update, the update frequency of the May add up to more than 27%, in all of the update frequency is the highest.

but the PR value of the update is not always rise? From 1 to 2, from 2 to 3, and then all the way up, in fact the PR value may also be decreased. From the above data, in this year’s decline in the highest also reached nearly ten percent, while in October 8th last year update, or even decline rate reached 47%, this year is, also in these few days. < >

as the official Google PR value of the site. Rating than the BR (love Shanghai weight) has a more powerful force, love Shanghai officials have not acknowledged the existence of any BR, these are just the third party data simulation. The PR value as rigid standards of a lot of websites exchange chain, it is a little larger site exchange chain, will be the first requirement about the PR value, so the update time, many owners are looking forward to. What what time it will be updated? Let’s see Webmaster Tools gives 2012 PR update data:


PR update is a big thing for the webmaster, Google for the website evaluation comprehensive level, while the PR update also means that at a later time can change to higher quality chain resources, for the love of Shanghai is now vigorously against these trading links exist, we only have to replace the chain in order to get a better ranking in a short period of time, also included the quality chain resources also can drive the keywords ranking, snapshot update, web pages, for those a little good website, to replace the chain with them, PR is the most basic threshold, and so many owners are looking forward to the PR value of the update.

if the average every three months to update frequency, then November will also be PR larger update time, according to the PR in each month beginning late update to count, so in the past few days, PR will be a big update, the will of the past few days update? We check the update time last year:


in 2011 this year the PR value is different, the small range of last year’s update more, a maximum range of update time is in November 8th, the update rate of 41.38%, basically covering half of the internet. As to whether it will update in November 8th this year we will wait and see.

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