Search engine optimization ranking factors and summarized the influence of the website

URL is also very important, for the static URL and dynamic URL, the search engine is focused on the static. Static URL example: xxx贵族宝贝/123.html, dynamic URL example: xxx贵族宝贝/down.asp? =123, like many open-source programs support pseudo static function, can solve the problem.

many owners do not want to write their own articles, reproduced online directly to a lot of articles like this, the quality is not high, the search engine more love the one and only the original article. If you feel difficult to write original, also can learn from the experience of others, write in their own way, false original. Special note: here is the webmaster friends feel too cumbersome, the direct use of some of the so-called pseudo original software, this software is absolutely not, with false original article is almost no readability, contrary to the principle of user experience, which belongs to the real content of garbage.

The speed and stability of

for some new SEO novice webmaster friends may not be particularly aware of search engine optimization, today I would like to summarize the influence factors of ranking website search engine optimization, let the novice webmaster friends can more in-depth understanding of search engine optimization.

4, website speed and stability of

said that although the search engine of suffix optimization is no difference, but considering the website user experience, we try to choose well-known international domain name such as贵族宝贝/.net/.org. At the same time as domain name should be brief, corresponding with the theme of the site. Although the domain name does not directly affect the search engine optimization ranking, but if a good domain name, can let more users remember, can increase user traffic, this also affects the website in search engine optimization ranking.

3, URL


6, the website chain

website with the website space are closely related, must choose the regular web space provider, if a website for three days two days can not access, then the search engine to give you only a bad review.

1, the domain name

to construct the website content at the same time, should pay attention to the site of the internal links, it can not only convenient for users, can also let the search engine spiders climb deeper, more comprehensive collection of our article. The site within the chain to do, must be > FENG

2, the website structure

5, website content quality

a simple website structure is conducive to the search engine spiders crawling and receive content, if the structure is too complex, so may the spiders crawl the web to more depth. Love Shanghai official advice is most suitable for search engine spiders crawling structure is: home channel page page, so in the choice of site procedures or construction sites, we must take into account this point.

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