Symantec declares pcAnywhere safe offers free upgrade to say sorry

first_imgJust days ago, Symantec revealed that the code stolen from its servers in an embarrassing breach included the source for pcAnywhere. They took to Twitter and the web to tell users that they should disable the software immediately. Now, however, Symantec is issuing the all-clear. Sort of.Symantec now says that you’re totally safe. That is as long as you’re running pcAnywhere 12.5 and have installed the patch that was released on January 26th of this year, or version 12.0 or 12.1 with a patch that was offered up the following day.To help allay customers’ fears, Symantec has taken the additional step of offering a free upgrade to pcAnywhere 12.5 to all licensed users of the software. As long as you’ve got a legitimate pcAnywhere CD-key lying around somewhere, you’re eligible for the upgrade — and if you’re concerned about security, you should contact Symantec for your freebie immediately.Either that, or make the switch to a more up-to-date application. It’s been ages since pcAnywhere was top dog and apps like Teamviewer, GoToMyPC, and Mikogo are now eating Symantec’s remote control lunch.Getting back to the code theft itself, the hacker (who goes by the name of YamaTough) has already released the slightly moldy code for Norton Utilities he snatched, and he’s threatened to post Symantec Antivirus Coroporate code, too. Symantec had said before that the outdated AV code leak posed no risk its customers because the engine its current versions use bear little resemblance.Wouldn’t it be interesting if YamaTough turned out to be another former security coder gone rogue?More at Reuterslast_img read more