Finally You Can Eat A Kit Kat Quesadilla at Taco Bell

first_imgStay on target I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of weird opinions about food. But anyone who knows me knows that perhaps my most extreme food opinion is that cheese is bad. Whether it’s on a burger, a pile of broccoli, or any kind of Italian dish, get that gross milk goo out of mouth. It has ruined so many great potential Taco Tuesdays. So naturally, I’m not a fan of the Mexican cheese-tortilla delicacy known as the quesadilla.Fortunately, the extremely not-Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell has got the dish just for me. While I hate cheese, I love the oh-so shareable chocolate wafer candy bars Kit Kats. And now Taco Bell is introducing a new menu item that swaps out the cheese in quesadillas with Kit Kats bits. Say hello to the Chocoladilla.Basically, a cousin to the Klondike Choco Taco but with more #brands, this vaguely Latin hybrid dessert follows previous Taco Bell mashups like the Doritos Locos taco and the Mountain Dew/orange juice breakfast soda combo “Mountain Dew A.M.” Because everyone knows all good food has a gimmick.But I’d give this a shot! Replacing melted cheese with melted chocolate and crunchy wafers, wrapped inside a warm flour tortilla, sounds at the very least edible in my book. Besides, with its $1 price point, you won’t lose much if the Chocoladilla turns out to be completely disgusting.Since it’s basically made of Halloween candy, the Chocoladilla has already been slowly rolled out in parts of Wisconsin, as well as other parts of the world, and will stay there until November. Taco Bell will then gauge customer response to the menu item and decide whether to let everyone get a taste or smother it in its chocolate crib. Personally, these sound like the perfect treats for a Taco Bell wedding.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Finally, KFC Makes A Colonel Sanders Dating GameKFC Tests Plant-Based Beyond Fried Chicken in Atlanta last_img read more