Trelawny PC Welcomes Development Projects

first_imgThe Trelawny Parish Council has welcomed a number of development projects for the parish that are being funded by the Sugar Transformation Unit (STU) in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. The projects comprise road rehabilitation and construction/upgrading of community infrastructure, including a school and a clinic. Lead assigned representative of the Council to the STU, and Councillor for the Sherwood Content Division, Telka Holt, expressed pleasure at the works, which she said, have been approved by the Council. She noted that the roads to be worked on will improve access to other towns and communities. “These roads were at times not traversed because they were blocked, and now that they are going to be opened, people will have access to them,” she said. Under the STU project, 5.9 kilometres of roadway between Duncans and Long Pond will be rehabilitated, in addition to the 5.45-kilometre Hampdenland Back Road, while $1.9 million will be spent on improvements to Blagrove Drive. The Jackson Town playfield will also be upgraded at a cost of $5 million, to include seating areas; $15 million will be spent on the construction of a library and resource centre in Clark’s Town; and $1.8 million for rehabilitation of the Sawyer’s water tank. Ms. Holt also reported that upgrading of the Happy Venture Basic School, which is being undertaken at a cost of $2.5 million is 65 per cent complete, while the procurement of furniture and equipment for the Duncan’s Health Centre, at a cost of $45 million, has almost concluded. Councillor Holt urged residents of the beneficiary communities to use the roads and community facilities being provided with care. “It does not make any sense that we create this development, give you the facilities, put these structures in place and then we vandalise them. We need to protect them. If there are other persons who are going to vandalise, let us caution them. If we have to call the police, call the police,” she urged. Contact: Garfield L. Anguslast_img read more